Realistic tattoos Taranto

I make all kinds of tattoos, trying to interpret the styles according to the requests; I especially realise following styles:

  • Realistic
  • Japanese
  • Traditional
  • Water color
  • Stilised
  • Floral

I'm specialised in realistic tattoos in Taranto. Realistic style is very particular, since it aims to reproduce the image giving it soul, emotion and a realistic appearance. Drawing free hand, i can paint objects, faces, emotions as they would live in that moment. When you are coming in my studio we'll understand together what is your request, we will see it coming alive and growing till to a free hand drawing. I'll draw on your skin a track to give you an idea of my final work and successively I'll retrace and refine it for achieving your request.
What can I offer more? Thanks to a particular tool called electrodermograph, I can partially remove a tattoo that you don't like or that was made bad. This technology is a real revolution because it makes it possible to lighten the design and to proceed to the successive modification or refining. Contact me on facebook: I'll immediately answer and I'll be completely available for all your requests or informations.